Wedding QuickQuote


An Extranet RFP Software Program that Provides a Responsive Reply to an Online Inquiry.

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  • Weddings

    Increase your Wedding Revenue Using Wedding QuickQuote. “A Call to Action” lead generating machine, no Site Visitor can resist. Designed to attract Millennials, by providing an Instant Answer RFP in a Tentative Proposal format.

  • Meetings

    Attract More Lead, More Business, More Revenue. Fill your function space on weekends using Wedding QuickQuote. An Instant Inquiry Reply Platform that provides a Pre-Qualified Lead to Online Inquiries.

  • Events

    Weddings are Bottom Line Revenue. Use Wedding QuickQuote to Open Your Sales Catering Office 24/7, Shorten the Sales Cycle, and Provide a Site Visitor with Online Tentative Proposal within Seconds.

  • Quick Quote Solutions

    Save Follow-up Time! Change a Shoppers into a Pre-Qualified Leads. Hold Your First Meeting Online with Wedding QuickQuote by Starting the All-Important Potential Client Relationship on Your Website.